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Presentation of album "Stus: Passerby"

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Presentation of album "Stus: Passerby"

«Stus: Passerby»: chamber opera
«Stus: Passerby» is a meditative chamber opera about love, tenderness and fragility of life.

Singers began work on the project in March 2019. The work began with the fact that KLIM brought to rehearsal a few poems by Vasyl Stus and said: «Let's try». Later, during the rehearsals, a project was born, the idea of ​​which was to let Stus sound, to let the contents of his poetry.

The poems already have everything: rhythm, style, meanings, melody, and the work with poetry is an attempt to get the most out of them laid down by Stus.

KLIM is one of the recognized leaders of modern avant-garde theater, theatrical philosopher, director and playwright. Friend, teacher and favorite playwright of Vlad Troitskyi.

KLIM is the god of DAKH's mythology. Before the 2000s, he almost settled in the DAKH, until 2012, the theater's repertoire was 80 percent of his texts, now all the dramatic performances of the DAKH based on his plays.

«Stus: Passerby» is a unique project in the context of the history of CCA "DAKH" because it is the first independent project of KLIM. An amazing story, a combination of geniuses, filled with power and beauty of meaning.

Vasyl Stus: Poetry as the Key Code of the Opera
In the chamber opera
"Stus: Passerby" used 12 poems by the Ukrainian poet, which formed the basis of 10 musical compositions created by actors of the Center of Contemporary Art "Dakh".

Especially for the project, poetic texts were translated into three languages: English, German and Polish.

You can read them at the link!
Coach: KLIM
Artistic director: Vlad Troitskyi
Curator: Andrii Palatnyi

Singing: Sofia Baskakova
Double bass, singing: Igor Dymov
Composer, piano, singing: Volodymyr Rudenko
Light: Asthik Tygranovna
Sound: Vyacheslav Sobolev
Author of the cover: Marko Galanevych

GF_LSD team: Mariia Yakovenko, Viktoriia Fedorov, Alina Danlyova

Translator of poems into English:
Olexander Fraze-Frazenko
Translator of poems into Polish:
Janusz Radwański
Translator of poems into Germany:
Tania Maliarchuk

The project is implemented with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation